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Thief-In-Law Hits The Skids

"Thieves-in-law" are recognizable by their tattoos.
"Thieves-in-law" are recognizable by their tattoos.
Over at Carl Schreck's very entertaining "Crime Watch" blog at "The Moscow Times," there is a pretty funny post about Teimuraz Dzhalagoniya, a crime boss, or "vor-v-zakone" (thief in law) in the Russian capital.

Dzhalagoniya, a native of Georgia, was arrested on April 9 for pilfering a "high-quality" bottle of wine from a Moscow supermarket.

"It's unclear whether it was a commitment to the thief's life or declining financial fortunes that led Dzhalagoniya purportedly to attempt to shoplift a bottle of wine last week from a Perekryostok budget supermarket on Ulitsa Golubinskaya, on the city's southwestern outskirts."

There are also reports available in Russian from, "Izvestiya," and Interfax.

-- Brian Whitmore

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