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Third-Millennium Miracle: One Lavatory Instead Of Five!

Ahmadinejad kisses a baby in Semnan.
Ahmadinejad kisses a baby in Semnan.
Mago questions the follow-through on some of President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's handouts promised during his frequent appearances in Iran's regions:

You might have heard plenty about the propaganda of Ahmadinejad's government regarding the provincial trips. But do the hundreds of the projects take place, as the government claims, and...?

Apart from personally believing that these trips and sacks that weigh up to 300 kilos of letters that the government collects from the people are signs of a malfunctioning of the country's management system, I have a document to offer that has been published recently by one of the provincial administrations: a brochure that a friend of mine received during his New Year's trips from this particular city and handed over to me. Since the publisher is the provincial administration, the document should be credible.

A page that concerned the achievements of the president's trip to this particular province [Qazvin] said that one of President Ahmadinejad's decisions was the construction of five lavatories in five different locations of the city.... What do you think could have been the result of this decision? Practically nothing, because of the fact that only a single lavatory out of the five that the president promised has been constructed!!!

This can be the best example of the brilliant performance of "the miracle of the third millennium" (that is what Ahmadinejad's fans call him) -- in other words, the "breeze of kindness" brought the news of five lavatories out of which only one has reached to the contract stage; not even close to construction. (Editor's note: "the kindness-spreading government" is the label that Ahmadinejad uses for his cabinet.)

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