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'This Is The Islamic Republic'

Blogger "The Writings from the Heart of a Citizen Journalist" writes about a young boy he saw in central Tehran who was forced to work to help his family make ends meet:

Today I went to the Revolution Square to buy books, and there I saw a heartrending scene. An 8- or 9-year-old boy was making some money with a scale he had while at the same time doing his homework. He was also selling a few toys.

Of course, there are many such scenes in our Islamic country, a country that is Islamic only in name and there is no sign of Islam in it.

I asked the boy what his father was doing. He said he sells vegetables at Emamzadeh Hassan [a bazaar in southern Tehran], and he said he's forced to work to help with the expenses. I gave him a 1,000-tuman [about $10] bill to try to make him happy and also make a contribution even though small.

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