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Timeline: Bomb Attacks On The Moscow Metro

June 11, 1996: Four people died and 12 were hospitalized after a bomb went off on the Serpukhovskaya line.

January 1, 1998: An explosion shook the Tretyakovskaya station, after a woman detonated a bomb in her handbag. Three Metro employees were hospitalized.

February 5, 2001: A homemade bomb exploded at the Belorusskaya-Koltsevaya station, wounding 20 people.

February 6, 2004: A bomb exploded in the second carriage of a train on the Zamoskvoretskaya line, engulfing the tunnel with fire. Forty-one people died in the attacks and 250 were wounded. More than 700 passengers were evacuated from the subway trains.

August 31, 2004: At the Rizhskaya station, a homemade bomb was detonated by a female suicide bomber. Ten people died and 50 were injured, including the suicide bomber and the leader of a Wahhabi terrorist group who helped prepare the attack.