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Ukraine's Killer Wreath Virals

We wrote last week about Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych being attacked by a rogue wreath, while paying his respects at Kyiv's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

That actually wasn't the first time the elements conspired against him. During the 2004 presidential campaign, he was felled by a flying egg. And on the day of his inauguration, as the newly elected president strode into parliament to be sworn in, the doors to the parliamentary chamber nearly closed in his face.

Ukraine's media has had a field day with a bunch of doctored viral MPEGs and GIFs doing the rounds.

There's the one where Yanukovych is completely obliterated by the wreath, the one where he keeps getting hit, and then the one where he's destroyed by an anvil, grand piano, and an airplane.

-- Ukraine Service