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Voicemails To Radio Farda

Voicemails sent to RFE/RL's Radio Farda on June 15.

Musavi should stand up and lead the people. I swear to God, even if he dies, he will be a martyr.

Hi, I'm Zohereh from Islam Shar.
Why don't people want to accept that Ahmadinejad did a lot for the remote towns and villages, and now those people have voted for him at twice the rate of Musavi and, in fact, he is the winner of this election? Musavi likes to leave young people out in the streets to be beaten by the government.

I am calling you from Ahvaz [in southwest Iran]. Everybody will gather in [the neighborhood of] Zeytoon Karmandi tonight.

I'm an Ahmadinejad supporter, but I believe there was fraud in the election and I agree with Mr. Musavi.

I am calling you from Gachsaran [in southern Iran]. The vote counts are completely right and whatever they say is not right, and there have been no fights in the town.

Please tell Ahmadinejad that the gambler will lose and the thief will be arrested someday.

I am calling you from Yasuj [in central Iran]. 800,000 people voted while 520,000 people were eligible to vote.

I have got one message for Mr. Khamenei: He should be a little bit careful for himself. He is a person who has been underlying everything, he represents himself as a progeny of the Prophet Muhammad. Tomorrow, maybe somebody will ask him, "Where are your marjaeiyat [theological] credentials? Where did you earn your credentials? Look around at who is around you. Everybody has left you, there is nobody except Ahmadinejad.

I am calling from Kermanshah [in western Iran]. At this moment there are intense clashes on Dabir Azam Avenue. People are clashing with Basijis and plainclothesmen. People want their rights back. The same way we won the revolution we will stand up and make our votes count.

They drenched the Shiraz protests in blood and mud. Unlike Tehran, where the protests were mostly peaceful, in Shiraz from the very beginning at 4:00 p.m. they attacked the people with tear gas, stones, sticks, and whips. They badly injured many young people. I am asking international bodies to confront the [Iranian] authorities. No one should recognize Ahmadinejad. How much can we bear? How much patience can we have?