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Voicemail Appeals From Radio Farda Listeners

Voicemail messages to Radio Farda on June 16.

I'm Zeinab from Shiraz. I want to say that the [Interior Ministry's] Special Guard itself is responsible for most of the incidents. We had gathered yesterday in front of the university dormitories and we were protesting very quietly. The Guard attacked the university and started beating the people. What are the people supposed to do? They are forced to react.

I want to tell the people that if you don't continue on your path and these rulers stay in power, they will certainly make things very hard for everyone.

I beg the Iranian people to support these courageous students, these honorable young people. Today is a day that will be engraved in history. If we fail to protect this liberal stratum of our society, in the future whoever reads the history will curse us. I beg you to please support and protect these students.

There was a time when the Basijis were defending Iran's honor. Now they should defend democracy, not the dictator. Dear Basiji Brother, it is wrong to shed the blood of the people for the 1 million tomans (roughly $1,000), which goes into your account every month.