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Voicemail To Radio Farda

Voicemail messages to Radio Farda on June 15:

Hi, I am Ali from Esfahan. Here in Chahar Bagh Bala Street, a group of people, about a few thousand, are fighting with the security forces. The security forces are beating people very badly but people are resisting strongly. They are coming towards me, I cannot talk to you anymore....

I am calling you from Sistan and Baluchistan [province, southeastern Iran]. If a president is elected by 24 million votes, why has he blocked Facebook!? Does that mean his power will now be affected by Facebook?

I am calling you from Shiraz. There is a big demonstration here, and the security forces are shooting people. Some people have left the doors to their homes open to help the protesters. Why won't you give back the people's vote? We are Musavi's supporters, we do not want a dictator, we do not want a liar! The injured students have been taken to the hospital, it was worse than under the shah.

I wanted to tell Mr. Ahmadinejad and his group that these millions of people who are in the street now are not dirt. I ask him and his family to consider this demonstration, they are nobody but the Iranian people.

There is no fraud in the election results, I voted for Musavi but some of my friends and relatives voted for Ahmadinejad. Almost everybody voted for Ahmadinejad in our neighborhood. It's better to accept the results of the election. If the election is repeated, I will vote for Ahmadinejad.

Hi, I am Shirin from Shiraz. Although state television is showing a very peaceful demonstration in Tehran, here in Shiraz the situation is really critical and the security forces and Basiji are beating people with batons and cables. I really do not know who is going to stop their brutalities.