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Voicemail To Radio Farda

More voicemail messages left for Radio Farda on June 18:

Mr. Musavi, you criticize like Moses's followers, be careful of Judgment Day. Take a look around yourself, your friends are Ariel Sharon, Bush, Obama, a group of rude people, and corrupted people. Mr. Musavi, you say you have won confidently, how are you sure about that? Mr. Musavi your photos in the cities do not mean you have many supporters, but it means you had more money to spread. Mr. Musavi, you have become the symbol of anti-Islamism, and [against] the leader and whole system. It such a pity that you join Khatami and Rafsanjani and become a useless person.

I feel sorry for Ahmadinejad's supporters, because even if our candidate [Musavi] had won the election, and tried to keep his position by killing people, we would stand up against him and would not let him brutally kill civilians, because he would not be good enough to be president of an Islamic country.

In the name of God, the United States should act on this crisis and demolish this Islamic regime.

A human being can lie to others, but he cannot lie to himself. The people who are in charge, the people who made this fraud, they know exactly what they did, and I expect the Iranian people to not give up. They should move forward and liberate the country from these dictators who have been suppressing the Iranian people for 30 years.