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Messages Reflect Suspicion, Shame, And Dread

Voicemails to Radio Farda on June 17.

Hey, I am a soldier. I swear to God that those cowards force me to beat my brothers. please stop the fighting; I don't want to be a shameful person in the eyes of my own people.

Mr. Ahmadinejad, if you are truly a nice person and not a selfish dictator, take a look around you and allow another election, with open and correct monitoring. Maybe this time you'll get 30 million instead of 24 million [votes] and surprise everybody for a second time.

This election is only a power game. They just want to show us that there is a most powerful person (Editor's note: an apparent reference to Supreme Leader Khamenei) who appoints the president -- he just allowed the candidates to fight each other, then he will reconsolidate his power.

I want to ask the Iranian people, and especially the young generation: What are you looking for? If you are looking for a little bit more freedom for boys and girls to have the right to be together in the street, I want to say this is a very invalid demand. You are supporting people who were responsible for the worst period of our childhood. Please think more and better organize your specific demands instead of being emotional.

Hi, I am calling you from Minab from Hormozgan Province [in southern Iran]. We're really tired of the regime -- but not of Ahmadinejad or of Musavi. We are tired of the Iranian regime because we don't have any self-determination and freedom. Please, we need the support of democratic countries like America, countries where democracy has been established and international organizations.

I am calling you from Kermanshah [in western Iran]. I wanted to say that I am a Musavi supporter; I ask the Iranian people, the international community, and international organizations to support us and not leave us all alone.

This election is rejected. Do you think the whole world is lying and only Messrs. Khamenei and Ahmadinejad are right? This election has been rejected and it must be rejected, and we are sorry for ourselves when we must consider Khamenei as a pattern.

I am Darush and am calling you from Esfahan. I wanted to say that this protest is going to be ended in favor of the regime, because it is possible to find the protesters by checking video recordings and using those videos against them. But I hope the regime has realized the sense of the Iranian people and remembers that Iranians understand their trick. Thanks for your useful and good programs.

Our generation did burn. At least let's have a flourishing future generation and emerge from the rule of dictatorship and live under democratic government. So Mr. Musavi, stand up strong and establish a democratic government.

Today, a great and fair election has been taken place in Iran that was under the monitoring of the candidates' representatives -- some rude and silly rebels who have been supported by international organizations damaging the whole system in Iran. I think the Iranian government has been so easy on them so far, and this flexibility of the government is a sign of democracy and support for freedom in Iran. If I were them [member of government], I would acted very hard toward them.

Hi. I'm calling you from Sanandaj [in western Iran, a center of the Kurdish minority]. We are under pressure here. Almost all Kurdish people voted for Karubi; they also welcomed Mr. Musavi. And it is untrue if Mr. Ahmadinejad says there is no suppression; we are under such strong oppression here.

And an e-mail, also from June 17.

According to one of the employees of the Imam Khomeini Hospital, last night a total of 25 dead bodies were brought to the morgue under the strict watch of police forces at about 2-3 hours past midnight, clearly a result of direct bullet hits. Also 70 injured people have been transferred to the same hospital. But it should be noted that these statistics are only related to the mentioned hospital and the actual number of casualties may be much higher.