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What Can We Do? Please Help Us

Some more voice mails received by RFE/RL's Radio Farda on June 15, broadly representative of the sample of opinion:

Hey, the war between Rafsanjani and Khamenei has begun, they have blocked the SMS [service] since four days ago. I called the telecommunications company they said, it will be down for a long time. It means the Iranian people are not able to contact each other, Internet speed has decreased dramatically, and all the sites are filtered. What can we do? Please help us.

Musavi should establish a committee which starts to identify at least 100 people who participated in the election from each province. They know who they voted for and they have the finger print, if the finger print went with their vote. The voters know who they voted for.

I am Farid from Karaj [a city close to Tehran]. I heard some news that tonight there would be marshal law in Tehran from 9 p.m. and security forces have been authorized to shoot the protestors. Yesterday it was so close that one of my friends got shot and I have heard so far there are 16 people who have been killed in Tehran. But there have been no reports about this on state TV.

It is right that some people come in the street to support Musavi, but why and according to what principle do people support him? Nobody knows much about him: he nominated himself two months ago and now a group of people are following him. I think he should introduce himself to the people in advance and as you see in the media, there are many people who voted for Ahmadinejad.