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What Not To Wear At Gazprom

A document purporting to be a detailed dress code for female employees of Gazprom, Russia's state-controlled gas monopoly, has become a viral hit in Russia.

The document presents Do's and Don’ts for its female employees and recommends the clothing brands they should wear.

According to the document, female employees should wear a suit and tights in any weather, should have their hair cut once a month, and a French manicure (with nails no longer than 3-5 mm).

The employee should never appear at work in a see-through blouse, flip-flops, or have a ring with a stone over 1 cm diameter.

The 17-page document was published on Russian advertising-trade website AdMe, alongside the logos of Gazprom and Training-Boutique, a corporate-culture consultancy.

But the rather unprofessional style of the presentation, and the fact that the original presentation without the Gazprom logo can be found on the consultancy's website, seem to indicate that it's a fake.

Regardless, it provoked a lot of entertaining comments. One commentator, for instance, suggested that another regulation should be:

Female employees should smell good. The aroma of natural gas or oil is preferred.

-- Komila Nabiyeva

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