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Why Aren't They Afraid?

How do the protesters find the courage to face the riot police yet again?
How do the protesters find the courage to face the riot police yet again?
Blogger Rezasayyedi wonders why the demonstrators in Iran aren't afraid to keep protesting, despite the harsh reaction they've faced:

Why aren't they afraid then?! I'm talking about the people, why aren't they afraid? Why do they keep coming back out on the streets?

Today, for instance, in front of the newspaper "Etemad-e Melli" office on Karim Khan Street. More or less, they were there, and that's the point. Fars and Raja news agencies may be as sarcastic about this as they want, and call it a crowd of about 30 or 40 who got together there for about 20 minutes and then dispersed.

But do you acknowledge their presence, of whatever sort that may be?

It has been about two months that they have remained persistent on their violence, hitting, and arrests, and sending the detainees to the detention centers where....

If even a small percentage of the news leaked from these centers is true, it is extremely barbaric.

There's really nothing left to say, the court sessions, the frightening figures, the confessions and interviews, all speak for themselves. On top of that, the reports of physical abuse of these detainees are the topic of every debate these days.

With all this going on, how come they went out on the 40th day of Neda's days, their faces weren't covered, nor could any signs of fear be seen among them. You all saw it, the pictures and the videos are all proof of this.

They even came to the Friday Prayers and suffered all the baton blows, and got arrested even though they were fully aware of the goings-on behind the walls of Kehrizak. They came. Even today, as I said, in front of the newspaper office....

I do not know about tomorrow but I am astonished by the fact that they are not afraid. I'm talking about the people, why aren't they afraid?! Why do they keep on coming out on the streets?

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