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Why Do You Want To Vote?

Because it's there?
Because it's there?
The Shatot2 blog asked its readers to share their answers to a very simple question about the upcoming presidential election: Why do you want to vote?

"I do it so that the shittiest of the shitheads don't get elected...!"

"So that this guy, the president, doesn't go making a mess of everything...!"

"Because I feel like...!"

"I'd rather eat shit than vote for you...!"

"I am now sick of this Mr. Ahmadinejad's face.... We have lost our respect in the world...!"

"I vote because it is the obligation of every Muslim Iranian...! Wait a minute, is this for television?"

"We vote in order to punch Ahmadinejad in the face.... He's an omen for us."

"I'm helpless, Mister..., compelled to do it.... [T]he midget made a mess out of the whole country...!

"To be honest, they gave us free sacks of potatoes; and you know we just can't turn our backs on them.... You get it, don't you mate?"

"I don't want to vote, Dear,...even if God himself stands up for election in the Islamic Republic, I wouldn't vote for him..."

"The imam of the mosque has told us that voting is obligatory just like offering prayers.... He said those who don't vote for Ahmadinejad will go to Hell.... I want to go to Heaven, so I vote..."

"Although Ahmadinejad has made a huge mess out of everything, the truth cannot be denied: the only good thing about him was the fact that he made all those people who never thought of voting before realize the difference between bad and worse, making them vote this time to get rid of him...!"

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