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Why Is My Blog Being Filtered?

Blogger and lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei complains about Internet censorship.

It is quite surprising to me that my blog, which only consists of legal content, is filtered. Is the filtering due to the use of certain words and phrases? Or is it that those in power cannot bear the existence of such legal blogs? What contents of my weblog are not based on facts that some of them find it hard to digest?

I wrote a post about Iran's supreme leader in which I referred to his statements and provided links that are all, with a few exceptions, from official and legal websites.

My intention is for officials to contemplate their views without respect to their own personal taste. I don't have any ill intentions, nor do I propagate against the government. I have always supported the establishment.

But unfortunately some of the officials neither ponder their own performance nor feel for the establishment; instead, they have power...power that is above the law.

I hold out hope that these officials will realize what they are doing and start feeling for the government and the Iranian nation. By God, if they honestly and truly worked for their people, the nation would accept them -- and there would be no need for such filtering and such illegal deeds.

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