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Will Kadyrov Take The Stand At Politkovskaya Trial?

Anna Politkovskaya's lawyers are insisting that Chechnya's pro-Moscow leader Ramzan Kadyrov should be called to give evidence at the slain journalist's murder trial.

On November 17, a military court ordered an open trial for the three accomplices of Politkovskaya's alleged murderer.

Karina Moskalenko, who represents Politkovskaya's family, said Kadyrov should answer questions in the case. Kadyrov had not been questioned by investigators yet, although he is repeatedly mentioned in case files and witness accounts.

It's of course possible, but seems pretty unlikely that Kadyrov would testify. Recently, he was taken to court in Chechnya in a property dispute, but he didn't show up, just sending some of his associates instead.

And more importantly Kadyrov could be a liability for the Kremlin. He's not much of a speaker and could be an embarrassment on the stand. So don't hold your breath.

-- Aslan Doukaev

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