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With Him Or Against Them

Safe company?
Safe company?
Basijisiasi accuses the incumbent's presidential rivals of rejectionism...of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei:

You have witnessed more than half of the political debates.... Everyone agrees that the most interesting of the debates was the one between [Mahmud Ahmadinejad] and [Mehdi Karrubi] and [Mir Hossein Musavi]....

I watched both of them; one after the other.... We all saw that about 90 percent of their statements were identical. Musavi just read it all off written pages while Mr. Karrubi read off some...

Our Beloved Leader [Editor's note: a reference to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] has emphasized the point on numerous occasions (the last one being at the late Imam's shrine on the anniversary of his death) that the foreign policy of this government was outstanding and you may realize this fact by noticing the respect gained by the Iranian Nation outside its boundaries.... The leader's support of the government was mostly due to these foreign policies that earned Iran great respect....

Now notice that Karrubi and Musavi have dedicated most of their speeches to demeaning this well-earned respect [as something more akin to] insolence.... It is so interesting to see that they persistently maneuver on this topic, that is with their back being supported by [former President and current Assembly of Experts Chairman Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani....

What is their objective?... Do they want to portray the leader as a liar?... Do they want to prove that the [supreme] leader speaks nonsense?... Mr. Rohani mentioned the exact same thing.... He said whoever doesn't vote for Ahmadinejad demonstrates his denial of the [supreme] leader....

Ahmadinejad says that he doesn't accept the rivalry that he is facing: three against one.... I think it's actually Ahmadinejad up against Hashemi [Rafsanjani].... One with the power of the nation and other with the power of money....

All three of these respected men are mere puppets of Hashemi. Hashemi has seen his finances in danger.... He doesn't want to be deprived of the treasury for the coming four years.

Yes, indeed, denial of Ahmadinejad is denial of the [supreme] leader.

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