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Yes, Russia Today, But What Do You Really Think?

Screen grab of Google news search results
Russia's international English-language broadcaster apparently thought better of a video report on U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit, titled "Hillary Clinton In Moscow To Pay Lip Service To New Arms Reduction Deal."

A Google news search of "Clinton" and "Russia" not long after she touched down in Moscow included that headline, attributing it to RT's YouTube page. It was a stark contrast to the arguably more serious headlines of CNN ("Clinton In Russia For Nuke, Mideast Talks") and Reuters ("Clinton In Moscow To Push Arms Treaty, Middle East").

But the video was unavailable, apparently because it had been "removed by the user." (See screen grab, above.)

Perhaps RT's editors decided to withhold their fully concocted conclusion until her planned meetings with senior Russian officials at least get under way.

-- Andy Heil