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Afghan-Americans Parody 'Gangnam Style'

Shukran and Roshan took their Gangnam style to a suburban shopping mall, among other places.
A couple of video jokesters have produced the latest installment of "Gangnam Style," the runaway hit single from South Korea's PSY.

The parody's creators, SRbrosEntertainment, are Shukran and Roshan, two young Afghan-Americans with a burning desire to screw around on camera.

"No more Gangnam style -- only Afghan style," one of them warns a young man galloping along a leafy sidewalk Gangnam-style.

Then it's full of lame rhymes like "khorma" (the dish) and "shorwa" (soup) and awkward dance moves in and around shopping malls and gun shops.

Here's a quick glossary of some of those terms in their shout-out to Afghan style and culture:

paaran -- traditional tunic
tumban -- traditional pants
attan -- traditional Afghan dance
mehmoni -- party
chai -- tea
jalabi -- deep-fried sweets (kind of like funnel cakes)
ferini -- pudding
shrini -- sweets
Eid -- Islamic festival
shukran-- thanks

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