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Live Blog: Election Day In Afghanistan

Afghan election officials count ballot papers after polls closed in Kabul on June 14.


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-- The vote count continues, as does the investigation into hundreds of claims of vote fraud. Final preliminary results are expected on July 2, and final results on July 22.

-- Many media refrained from reporting violence during the vote, but officials said June 15 that more than 270 Taliban attacks were recorded, resulting in the deaths of 50 civilians.

-- In one attack, a roadside bomb exploded beside a minibus that was carrying Afghan election workers home, killing 10 adults and a child.

-- Taliban militants severed the voting fingers of 11 voters in Herat Province.

-- The Independent Electoral Commission initially said that there were signs that voter turnout exceeded 7 million, putting it roughly on par with the first-round vote in April.

-- Officials said that, of those who turned out, 38 percent were women and 62 percent were men.

* NOTE: Times are stated according to local time in Kabul
15:05 15.6.2014
Radio Free Afghanistan:

Three victims of election-day violence spoke to RFE/RL's Radio Free Afghanistan at a hospital in Herat Province's Koshke Kohna district.

The men were among 11 whose fingers were cut off by the Taliban after voting.
"We voted. On the way back home, the Taliban detained and blindfolded us. Then they cut off our fingers."
-- Abdul Khaleq, a 65-year-old man
"We went to the polling station and returned home. The Taliban arrested me and cut off my finger because I voted."
-- Sultan Ahmad, a mullah in Koshke Kohna district
"[The Taliban] cut off our fingers and asked us that why we voted. I have no one to take care of my family. I want the government to punish them."
-- Allah Bakhsh, 25-year-old man
14:51 15.6.2014
14:29 15.6.2014
From the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan:
"The Secretary-General commends the performance of the Afghan security forces and all those involved in supporting the conduct of the vote on Saturday, including the Independent Electoral Commission and thousands of Afghan observers. It is the task now of the Afghan electoral institutions to tally and adjudicate votes in an impartial, transparent and timely manner."

Read the full statement issued on June 14 here.
14:23 15.6.2014
14:00 15.6.2014
The Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) has issued a press release offering its congratulations to the Afghan people over Saturday's vote and providing its initial thoughts on the the media and security situations.

A passage:
Despite security threats public participation in the process ostensibly indicate their commitment to this democratic process and their trust on the peaceful transition of political power.

Moreover, the role of visual, audio, and printed media in covering the election process to inform and encourage people to participate in the voting process has been remarkably effective. FEFA’s observers have reported different cases of irregularities and breach of electoral laws and procedures by different electoral personages from across the country. The quality and quantity of these reports indicate repetition of the bitter experiences of the first round. Fraud, shortage of ballot papers, late opening of polling stations, entrance denial to the observers and the low quality ink in most polling stations shape the preliminary findings of FEFA.

FEFA’s observers have reported two kinds of security threats: threats that happened by armed antigovernment insurgents and the threats that took place by local powerbrokers on voters, monitors and observers at different polling centers in different provinces.

FEFA is expected to soon issue its conclusion on the second-round vote. But according to a report by Afghanistan's Channel 1 TV, some FEFA observers were not allowed to enter certain polling stations.
13:19 15.6.2014
This just in from dpa:
At least 227 people, 33 of them civilians, were killed during the second round of Afghanistan's presidential election, the Defense Ministry says.

"Eighteen soldiers were killed and 74 injured yesterday. Also 63 civilians were wounded in different parts of the country," said ministry spokesman Zahir Azimi.

He said 176 Taliban fighters were killed and 93 injured on Saturday, adding that the number of security threats were higher compared to the first round of voting on April 5.
13:04 15.6.2014
13:03 15.6.2014
At least 46 people were killed in 150 militant attacks across Afghanistan on election day. RFE/RL also has confirmed that Taliban militants cut off the fingers of 11 people in the western province of Herat to punish them for voting in the presidential runoff.
12:57 15.6.2014
12:56 15.6.2014

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