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'There Is Only The Earth': Images Of The Armenian Diaspora

Since 2009, Armenian-American photojournalist Scout Tufankjian has traveled to more than 20 countries around the globe, documenting the estimated 8 million Armenians living in diaspora communities in places as varied as Brazil, Ethiopia, India, and Russia.

Tufankjian, who is best known for her campaign pictures of U.S. President Barack Obama -- including the most-liked photograph in Internet history -- says her latest project is fueled by curiosity about her Armenian heritage and a desire to move the image of Armenians past their 1915 massacre and displacement by Ottoman-era Turks.

"We are so much more than the genocide," says Tufankjian, whose newly published book of diaspora images, "There Is Only The Earth," comes weeks before the April 24 centenary of the Armenian massacre. "We have survived and we have thrived."