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Tajiks Condemn Attacks On Its Trains In Russia

DUSHANBE -- The state Tajik Railways Company (ROT) has condemned two weekend attacks on its trains in Russia.

ROT official Mahmadyusuf Abdurahmonov told RFE/RL that the company sent a note to the Russian Railways Company on October 29, demanding full investigations into the attacks and compensation for damages.

An official of Tajikistan's Embassy in Moscow, Muhammad Egamzod, told RFE/RL that a train operating on the Moscow-Dushanbe line and another on the Moscow-Khujand route were attacked by dozens of Slavic-looking men on October 26-27 while the trains were waiting in stations.

A number of Tajik passengers were reportedly injured and several train cars were damaged.

Attacks against ethnic non-Russians by ultranationalists have increased in Russia in the last two weeks after a young Muscovite was stabbed to death, allegedly by a labor migrant from the Caucasus.