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Azerbaijan's Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Azerbaijan's Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Some samples of how proposed changes to Azerbaijan's constitution have been presented to the public. Critics say the bullet-point list of 29 draft amendments includes no explanations of their consequences and helps keep voters in the dark.

Article 25

3.1 Replace "nationality" with "ethnicity" in the first sentence of the third section; replace "nationality" with "ethnicity" in the second sentence;
3.2 Add the text below to Paragraph 6:
"VI. People with physical and mental disabilities are entitled to all rights, and carry out all duties, confirmed by this constitution, except the rights and duties impeded by limited abilities."

Article 29

4.1. Consider the 5th paragraph as the 7th paragraph;
4.2. Add the following to Paragraphs 5 and 6:
"V. Private property causes social responsibility;
VI. Property rights over plots of land might be limited by law to ensure social justice and the effective use of plots of land."

Article 53

Remove "under no circumstances" and add [the following] after the word "citizenship" -- "except when citizenship is lost in cases provided by law."

Article 89

Add an additional two sub-paragraphs to Paragraph 1, after sub-paragraph 5:
6) In the event of a violation of the provisions of Part III of Article 93 of this constitution;
7) Upon a gross violation of the code of ethical conduct for members of parliament provided by law