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Balkan Chefs Cook Up 14,186 Pancakes In Bid To Set World Record

Bosnian chefs in a previous attempt to set a world record in Sarajevo in 2015
Bosnian chefs in a previous attempt to set a world record in Sarajevo in 2015

A team of Balkan chefs cooked up what they said was a world record number of a pancakes on October 26 -- 14,186 of the confectionery treats were made during an eight-hour marathon at Sarajevo's tourist fair.

Using 300 liters of oil, 600 kilograms of flour and 400 liters of milk, 140 cooks from Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Slovenia performed the culinary feat in an improvised open-air kitchen under autumn sunshine as 15 judges looked on.

Many of the pancakes were served to visitors at the fair, and organizers said the rest would be given out by volunteers to needy groups.

The chefs must await ratification of their world record claim from Guinness World Records, but they believe their pancake-making spree beat the existing official record of 12,716 pancakes, which was set in Moscow in February 2017.

The event was organized by the humanitarian organization, which distributed the pancakes to orphanages, senior centers, migrants, and other vulnerable groups.

“The feeling is great. Record is dropped. And essentially because we are all together here as one big team and we all came together to contribute to this big event,” said chef Drazen Safer from Vrhovica, Croatia.

Chef Alena Surkovic from Sarajevo said she was "glad" the team apparently broke the record, noting that such a small country was "trying something very important.”

Chef Dejan Stankovic from Belgrade said he was ready to "burst into tears."

With reporting by Reuters