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Kazakh First Lady's 'Philosophy Of Love'

Sara Nazarbaeva (right) votes with her husband, President Nursultan Nazarbaev, in Astana in April.
"Philosophy Of Love" is the title of a new book by Sara Nazarbaeva, Kazakhstan's first lady.

The presentation ceremony of Nazarbaeva's book took place recently at a teacher-training university in the northeastern Kazakh city of Pavlodar. The 70-year-old first lady wasn't present at the gathering attended by students and professors.

The book focuses on the notion of the love of homeland, life, and other human beings, the university's website says.

The university in Pavlodar wasn't a random choice to be the site of the first lady's book's unveiling. It was the first school in Kazakhstan to introduce Nazarbaeva's so-called "Self-Recognition" course.

The course, designed by Nazarbaeva in 2004, teaches "spiritual and moral personal development, self-improvement, and balanced personality development," the university's website explains.

Last year, Nazarbaeva's "Self-Recognition" course was added to the national curriculum.

Authoring books has always been a popular pastime among Central Asian presidents, who have written on history, traditions, and philosophy, among other topics.

However, Nazarbaeva's book is a first for first ladies in the region. Nazarbaeva, the mother of three, has long been engaged in charity work focusing on children and education.

-- Farangis Najibullah