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Construction Work Damages Samarkand's Registan

Workers at the construction site for a new amphitheater at the Registan complex in Samarkand.
Construction of a new amphitheater near a group of renowned cultural heritage sites in the ancient Silk Road city of Samarkand appears to have damaged two of its madrasahs, or religious schools.

The Sher-Dor and Tilya-Kori madrasahs, both built in the 17th century, are now leaning some 8 centimeters since the start of construction of the amphitheater, which is due to open on May 10.

Both structures are listed as "Cultural Heritage" sites by UNESCO.

Also, one of the minarets nearest to the construction site has started leaning.

The Uzbek government has acknowledged the problem with the minaret and said work is under way to correct the problem.

The Registan complex is part of Samarkand's "outdoor museum" that also includes the 15th-century Guri Amir, the burial place of Tamerlane, and the Observatory of Ulugh Beg.

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