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Does This Russian City Have The Worst Wheelchair Access Ever?

A disabled-rights campaigner in Tatarstan is suing the authorities in the Russian republic over what he sees as subpar access rights for disabled people. And by the looks of some of the photos he's provided of the republic's capital, he has a point.
Ayrat Kalimullin, a resident of Kazan and former officer who was injured during his military service 21 years ago, is suing the Tatar Prosecutor-General's Office for breaking the “law on social support and helping disabled people in Russia.” (Read more in Tatar here)

In a letter sent to the prosecutor, Kalimullin points out that even the official's office lacks a wheelchair ramp, not to mention many other buildings in Kazan.
Kalimullin also attached some photos, which certainly illustrate the magnitude of the problem. He is encouraging others to send him similarly “absurd” photos, which he says will be published on his website.
-- RFE/RL's Tatar-Bashkir Service

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