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Jose Manuel Barroso, Herman Van Rompuy and Viktor Yanukovych at a meeting in Vilnius.

Live Blog: Eastern Partnership Summit In Vilnius

The six Eastern Partnership countries are meeting for a Summit in Vilnius. On the eve of the summit, Georgia and Moldova initialed Association Agreements with the European Union, but no other countries are expected to follow suit.

12:00 29.11.2013
Yanukovych's office has released a statement expressing Kyiv's intentions to sign agreement with EU "in the nearest future."

"The president stressed that it is necessary today for Ukraine -- in connection with the new trade and economic circumstances -- to not only prepare for the timely implementation of the Association Agreement," the statement said. "But also to minimize the negative effects of the initial periods, which, without a doubt, will be felt by the most vulnerable Ukrainians."
12:10 29.11.2013
Here's a perspective from a Euro-skeptic -- Anton Finko, political expert at the Kyiv Center for Political Studies and Conflicts, speaking today in Kyiv on the RFE/RL Ukrainian Service's live program.

"I am one of Euro-skeptics who think that if the Association Agreement would have been signed in its present form it wouldn't be the slightest occasion to celebrate," he said.

"First, in the process of the Eastern Partnership and according to this document, Ukraine would receive no European perspective in a way that was open to Bulgaria, Romania, Poland or Lithuania, for example. Second, a question of opening the EU labor market for Ukraine so that our people could go there was not resolved. A question of visa liberalization was not dealt with. Fourth, a question of financial aid was not resolved."

"Finally, if the Association [Agreement] were to be signed --and most importantly -- in its present form, it would have caused a trade and economic war with Russia that would result in big and significant losses for the Ukrainian economy."
12:14 29.11.2013
Latvian Foreign Minister:

12:28 29.11.2013
Press conferences starting. Live feed here.
12:33 29.11.2013
Herman Van Rompuy:

"The offer of signing the most ambitious agreement the European Union has ever offered to a non-member state is still on the table."

Says it's critical to resist pressure from abroad: "This is a time of courage, this is a time of decisions."
12:37 29.11.2013
Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite:

"We can see that Ukraine has unilaterally halted its progress towards the EU, while the European Union remains ready to help the Ukrainian people."

"Today, we as Europeans stand together with the Ukrainian people. The door to the open to Ukrainian society."

"Everything depends on the political elite now."

"All the benchmarks are known to Ukraine. There will be no new benchmarks attached."
12:52 29.11.2013
"We will not give in to external pressure, not the least from Russia" -- Van Rompuy

"There were no negotiations on signing because the Ukrainian leadership came with a very clear decision not to sign." -- Grybauskaite
12:54 29.11.2013
Responding to a question on Russian pressure.

12:56 29.11.2013
Barrosa says idea of trilateral talks between Russia, Ukraine and the EU, suggested by Yanukovych, is "not acceptable...We don't need a trilateral agreement for a bilateral deal."
13:01 29.11.2013
Van Rompuy, responding to a question on whether an Association Agreement can be signed with Moldova while the issue of Transdniester is still unresolved, says those issues should be negotiated separately.

He adds: "We strongly support the territorial integrity of Moldova as we support the territorial integrity of other countries [including Georgia]."

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