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French Diplomat Accused Of Drunken Assault Ordered To Leave Tajikistan

DUSHANBE -- The European Union office in Dushanbe says a French female diplomat has been ordered by EU officials to leave Tajikistan after she and her husband were accused of assaulting Tajik police officers in a drunken confrontation.

A spokeswoman for the EU office, Mahbuba Abdulloeva, said the diplomat, Malika Malki, 40, was expected to leave "within days."

Her husband, Jalal Kazu, was reported to have left Dushanbe on June 11.

Malki, an attache for the EU office, and her husband are accused of assaulting and injuring three police officers at a Dushanbe cafe on June 4.

The police were called after the couple allegedly created a disturbance at the cafe by drunkenly "bothering" other customers.

Tajik officials said that due to Malki's diplomatic immunity, EU officials were asked to deal with the case.