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Gasoline Stations Closed Across Uzbekistan Amid Fuel Shortage

A gasoline shortage in Uzbekistan has led to the closure of filling stations across the country and long lines at those still selling gas at the state-fixed price of 2,000 soms ($0.85) per liter.

The government said earlier this week that it would stop subsidizing gasoline prices in the capital, Tashkent, and the surrounding region, allowing stations to sell gas at commercial prices of over 3,000 soms ($1.27) per liter.

Prices are as high as 4,000-4,500 soms ($1.70 -$1.90) per liter in some other parts of the Central Asian nation.

The state has raised the fixed price several times since 2012 in Uzbekistan, where the average monthly salary is about $275.

The state energy company declined to comment on the situation.

Officials at the country's two main refineries said there had been no decrease in gasoline production.