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Gay-Pride March Held In Kyiv Amid Massive Police Presence

Thousands of gay-rights activists marched in a pride rally in Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, on June 18 amid a massive police presence.

According to police, some 2,500 people gathered for the March of Equality in the center of Kyiv. An estimated 5,500 officers ensured that the event proceeded without disturbance.

Kyiv held its first major pride march last year after a pro-Western government that came to power in 2014 sanctioned such events.

Last year's March of Equality, held on July 12, attracted some 1,000 participants. guarded by some 5,500 police, and 1,200 soldiers from the National Guard. Last year's parade passed off mostly without incidents despite threats from far-right groups who said they would disrupt proceedings.

In 2015, the march was called off when right-wing activists pelted participants with smoke grenades.