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Gold Brick Weighing 13 Kilos Found In Uzbek Sewer System

A 13-kilogram gold brick found in the sewerage system of Qoqon.
Plumbers in Uzbekistan's eastern city of Qoqon found a gold brick weighing more than 13 kilograms during renovations of the city's sewage system.

A city administration official told RFE/RL on June 19 that the brick is believed to date from the early 1900s.

The plumbers, who discovered the gold brick on June 10, turned the treasure over to the local Interior Affairs Department.

Experts estimate the historical value of the bullion at around $800,000.

According to Uzbek law, any such treasure found in Uzbekistan is considered state property, with the finder having the right to claim 25 percent of its estimated worth.

The Qoqon city administration declined to say how much the plumbers are expected to receive from the government.