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Heard in Iran - Ebadi Accused, "Soft War"

Shirin Ebadi speaks at a news conference in Seoul
Shirin Ebadi speaks at a news conference in Seoul
Crackdown on Nobel Prize Winner Continues

November 30 -- Nobel Peace laureate Shirin Ebadi tells Radio Farda that in addition to freezing both her and her husband's bank accounts and confiscating their retirement pensions, Iranian authorities have now accused her of tax evasion: “I won the Nobel Prize five years ago, and prizes are tax-exempt under the law, but Iran’s Finance Ministry has demanded that I pay tax on the Nobel prize money.”

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Iran: A Military Dictatorship?

November 30 -- Since its contested presidential election, Iranian leadership has claimed that its “main priority is to confront the soft war.” However, sociologist Majid Mohammadi believes that what Iran’s regime calls "fighting soft threats" is actually denying people’s basic freedoms: “Soft war is a cover for a full-fledged establishment of a military dictatorship disguised as an ideal, apocalyptic regime.”

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