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Mothers Arrested, Bank Notes Tools Of Protest

The grave of Sohrab Aarabi, a 19-year-old protestor, who disappeared on June 15, 2009 during a demonstartion in Tehran

Mourning Mothers Face Violence in Park

On Jan. 9, Iranian police attacked a group of mourning mothers holding their weekly peaceful assembly in Tehran’s Laleh Park and subsequently arrested 33 of them. The spokesman for the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran tells Radio Farda that nine of the detained, mostly elderly women, had to be taken to emergency room after being arrested.

The women belonged to Mourning Mothers, a group of women whose children have been killed, jailed, or have disappeared during Iran’s post-election unrest.

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More Anti-Regime Slogans Found On Bank Notes

The writing of anti-regime slogans on bank notes has recently intensified in Iran. This form of protest first began in the turmoil after June's presidential election.

A listener from Mashhad tells Radio Farda that after Iran’s central bank issued a warning about this practice, more people -- including those who fear participating in street rallies -- are showing their dissent this way. A listener in Tehran adds, “This is one of the ways people fight the government, and no warning can stop them.”

Apart from the Green Movement slogans, people also write the dates of upcoming demonstrations and print the pictures of those killed in recent violence.

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