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Jailed Politician's Health Deteriorates, Student Activists Missing

Ebrahim Yazdi, Secretary-General of the Freedom Movement of Iran
Ebrahim Yazdi, Secretary-General of the Freedom Movement of Iran

Imprisoned Politician In Critical Condition

Ebrahim Yazdi, the secretary-general of the Freedom Movement of Iran, was arrested on December 28 and is in critical condition in jail, his son tells Radio Farda. Yousef Yazdi says his father suffers from cancer and being kept in a contaminated place like prison has had severe consequences for his health.

“The Iranian regime spends billions of dollars on its military equipment to show its power to the world, yet fears a 79-year-old man who writes statements in his home and has never done a violent act against the regime,” Yazdi’s son says.

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Fate Of Two Student Activists Unknown

Two student activists, Alireza Firouzi and Sorena Hashemi, have seemingly disappeared. They both attended Zanjan University in western Iran.

Alireza Firouzi’s mother tells Radio Farda that it has been 18 days since she last heard from her son. “We have no idea where they are or whether they’re arrested,” she says.

Firouzi and Hashemi were previously arrested for protesting against a scandal at Zanjan University in which the university’s vice chancellor had allegedly sexually harassed a female student.

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