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More Executions Impending, Workers' Sit-In

Ebrahim Raisi, left, the deputy head of Iran's judiciary, has announced more executions

Nine More Protesters Face Execution

The deputy head of Iran’s judiciary, Ebrahim Raisi, has announced that nine post-election protesters are to be executed soon, according to a report from Iran’s Fars news agency. This news follows the January 28 hanging of 37-year-old Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani and 19-year-old Arash Rahmanipour. They were among more than 100 detainees who were tried after the unrest following June's presidential elections.

A Radio Farda Web site viewer addresses Raisi, saying: “By executing the dissidents, you actually increase the number of the regime’s dissidents.”

Another viewer comments that the Iranian regime is trying in vain to survive a couple of more days by hanging the protesters.

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Iranian Workers Protest Unpaid Wages

More than 150 municipal workers in Andimeshk in southern Iran staged a sit-in this week to demand their unpaid wages. One of the workers participating in the protest tells Radio Farda that a number of other people also joined them. He says workers held placards saying, “13 months of hunger: how much longer will you give us empty promises?”

The workers’ wages have not been paid, and their employers have not covered their health insurance for the past 13 months, the worker says.

“Last week one of the municipal workers set himself on fire in front of the governor’s office because of financial pressures... Although he was saved, his problems still remain,” he says.

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