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HRW Calls On U.S., EU To Press Uzbekistan Over Andijon

Locals carry the body of a victim of the clashes in Andijon on May 14, 2005. The official death toll was 187, but witnesses and rights groups say the real figure is much higher.
Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on the United States and European Union to continue pressing Uzbekistan's government to allow an independent, international inquiry into the mass killing in Andijon nine years ago.

HRW released a statement on May 13 to coincide with the anniversary of the deadly events in Andijon.

HRW notes that nine years after the Andijon "massacre" Uzbekistan's government continues to reject calls for an independent investigation.

HRW's Steve Swerdlow said, "The long shadow of Andijon and the crackdown the government unleashed in its wake still hang over Uzbekistan's people."

On May 13, 2005, a peaceful protest to free a businessman was hijacked by gunmen leading to unrest that was suppressed when Uzbek troops fired on mainly unarmed demonstrators.

Officially, 187 people were killed but witnesses and rights groups say the real figure is several times that number.