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Under The Shield: Inside Chernobyl's New Safe Confinement

It has been two years since a giant steel shelter was slid into position over Chernobyl's crumbling radioactive ruins. The New Safe Confinement (NSC) was deployed in November 2016 to contain radiation from doomed the nuclear power plant for 100 years. RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service takes a rare look at operations inside of the containment two years on.

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RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service

RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service is dedicated to covering all of Ukraine, including the conflict zones and Crimea, and sets a standard for balanced reporting and high-impact investigative journalism.

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Andriy Dubchak

Andriy Dubchak is a correspondent and award-winning photographer who has worked for RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service since 2003. He specializes in telling the stories of soldiers and civilians caught up in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. He received a Lovie award for his coverage of the Maidan protests in 2014 and won a Gold Medal in the LifePressPhoto competition in 2020. He is the co-founder of the Donbas Frontliner project.

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