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Iranian Reactions To Radio Farda

Many Iranians have called in to RFE/RL's Radio Farda about the invasion of the British Embassy in Tehran. Here are a few of the more interesting messages they left:

"The attacks on the embassies, including the British Embassy in Tehran, is a direct order from the Iranian leaders. If they are saying it's students, that's not true. It is a direct order from the leadership."

"I'm speaking from Isfahan regarding the capture of the British Embassy. Every incident that befalls the English is something that they deserve since every mishap in the world is their fault."

"The attack on the British Embassy by the Basijis is a sign of the weakness and inability of the Islamic regime of Iran."

"The gathering of the students and the attack on the British Embassy was not a serious act but emotional, because it's not in Iran's interest. Unfortunately, since the revolution the actions of the Iranian government have not been in the country's favor. These actions were ones of hostility and were not in the interests of Iran."

"What you did by capturing the British Embassy shows your stupidity. It is like you attacked British soil. In the international community this is condemned. By doing this you are destroying Iranians who live abroad. You think what you are doing is right but it is a big mistake."

"Mr. Khamenei, [with] everything you have done you have brought misfortune to students and universities. But please don't play with the respect of students. Those who attacked the embassy are your agents and everybody knows this. Please don't do this."

"I would like to say the students that captured the British Embassy did a very wise and precise job. They're 100 percent students and this was a mass movement and there isn't and never was the hand of politics in it."