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Political Prisoners At Evin Prison End Hunger Strike

Evin prison
Evin prison
Iranian political prisoners have ended a hunger strike launched last week to protest the deaths of two fellow political prisoners at Evin prison in Tehran.

In a statement posted on the opposition Kalame website, the strikers said they ended their protest on June 26 and thanked all those who supported them, both in Iran and outside the country:

"The wave of support demonstrated that the public conscience of society is concerned over the injustices that political prisoners are being subjected to and the violations of the rights of political prisoners and that the need for them to be released remains a national priority and a demand of the people.

"Undoubtedly, this will not be the end of our civil protest against violations of human rights and injustices being done. The protest of the Green people of Iran will continue until they gain their full rights and personal and social freedoms."

The wife of Emad Bahavar, one of the strikers, told RFE/RL's Radio Farda that the prisoners felt their voice had been heard by many people; therefore, they decided to end their strike.

"The authorities also heard their voice. I think they will show indifference, but they cannot remain indifferent to this issue. We're hoping that the behavior toward political prisoners will be changed and their rights -- such as access to a telephone, leave, and face-to-face meetings with family members -- will be respected."

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