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Iranian Artists Express Concern Over Disappearing Lake

A family walks on the solidified salts of Lake Orumieh.
A family walks on the solidified salts of Lake Orumieh.
Many Iranians are concerned about the deteriorating state of Lake Orumieh (Urmia), which due to drought and mismanagement is dying and turning into a saltwater lake.

As reported last week, local residents have held protests in recent weeks in the cities of Orumieh and Tabriz over what they describe as the government's lack of action.

Artists have also joined the protests -- not by demonstrating in the streets, but through their art.

See here for the work of Iranian graphic designers who are concerned about the state of the country's biggest lake.

"Are you sure you want to remove Lake Orumieh and remove its content to the recycle bin?" asks this artwork.

And this one suggests that Lake Orumieh must be kept alive for future generations.

The website, which has posted the artworks, calls on other artists to send their work to be published as part of the online art protest.

-- Golnaz Esfandiari

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