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Iranian Hard-Liner Raps In Support Of Occupy Wall Street

Members of the Basij militia reportedly took part in the attack on the British Embassy in Tehran.
Members of the Basij militia reportedly took part in the attack on the British Embassy in Tehran.
A member of Iran’s pro-government Basij force has composed and produced a rap in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement.
You can listen to the song, sung in English with a thick Iranian accent, here.

Before downloading the song, the artist, Hashem Bafghi, recommends:
Say a salawat (Peace be upon the Prophet Mohammad and his family) for the health of Imam Khamenei [eds. Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei is an ayatollah but some of his die-hard supporters refer to him as Imam Khamenei to elevate his status] and click here the download the song.

Some sample lines:
Occupy Wall Street is a real war street
What Happened to the American Dream?
Don’t watch and have ice cream
Capitalism failed everyone
Killed the people one by one
The artist says he is a proud member of the Basij force who has the “martyrs” on his mind. However, he also writes on his blog that he doesn’t have a Basij ID.
On "Persian Letters," we have reported about the support the Basij, which was instrumental in the 2009 crackdown against Iran’s opposition Green Movement, has given the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Iranian officials have praised the movement, which they have compared to the Arab uprisings, and said that it will bring down capitalism.

Some Iranian opposition members have taken steps to counteract Iranian state propaganda about the Occupy movement.

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