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Iraqi, Kurdish Forces Fighting To Retake Town From IS

Iraqi military forces reported success in a final offensive to retake the predominantly Turkoman town of Bashir from Islamic State fighters.

Kurdish officials said on April 30 that Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Shi'ite paramilitary forces backed by U.S.-led, coalition air strikes had entered the northern Iraqi town after first surrounding it.

"Bashir village is surrounded and 80 percent has been cleared," the Kurdistan Region Security Council said on social media.

Street fighting was also reported between the Iraqi forces and IS militants.

Iraqi officials said Bashir was used by IS fighters in March to launch what officials said was a chemical attack on the nearby town of Taza that killed at least three people and injured many others.

Turkoman units from Iraq's Shi'ite Hashed al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization) militia group were also taking part in the assault on Bashir.

Kurdish forces say they also regained control of the Albu Mafraj and Mazargay Imam villages south of Kirkuk.

Based on reporting by AFP and NRTTV