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Kazakh Border Guard Trial Starts

Vladislav Chelakh is accused of killing 15 people.
The trial of border guard Vladislav Chelakh, who is accused of killing 15 people, has started in Kazakhstan.

Chelakh is accused of killing 14 fellow border guards and a forest ranger in late May while stationed at the remote Arkankergen border post.

Chelakh initially admitted to killing all 15 people but later said his confession was obtained under pressure and has said the post was attacked.

Chelakh's supporters have questioned how the 19-year-old was able to kill so many people who had weapons.

Judge Yerbol Akhmetzhanov had ordered the trial, which is being held in the eastern city of Taldyqorgan, to be open to the media but Chelakh requested that the press be removed from the courtroom because he was unable to hear the judge over all the noise.

Based on reporting by Novosti-Kazakhstan and Interfax