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Kazakh Ex-Warden Sentenced In Deadly Riot Case

Zhenisbek Temirov, the former head of a detention center in west Kazakhstan.
AQTAU, Kazakhstan -- A former head of a detention facility in Kazakhstan’s western town of Zhanaozen has been sentenced to five years in jail for abusing his authority in connection with a man's death.

Zhenisbek Temirov, who went on trial on April 25, was found guilty of illegally holding a man in custody and failing to ensure his timely hospitalization. Temirov was sentenced on May 17.

Bazarbai Kenzhebaev, 50, was detained during a crackdown on an oil workers' strike in Zhanaozen in mid-December that ended in deadly riots.

He reportedly died from injuries sustained while in custody after being detained during the riots, during which at least 16 people were shot dead.

Five policemen are currently on trial for abuse of authority during the riots.

In a separate development, trials are under way against 49 civilians accused of inciting the unrest in Zhanaozen and nearby Shetpe.
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