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Three Kazakh Bloggers Get 10 Days In Jail For 'Hooliganism'

Kazakh activist Rinat Kibraev was one of those jailed. (file photo)
ALMATY, Kazakhstan -- Three independent bloggers in Kazakhstan have been sentenced to 10 days in jail on minor hooliganism charges.

Rinat Kibraev, Nurali Aitelenov, and Dmitry Shchyolokov were not allowed to attend a meeting between Almaty Mayor Akhmetzhan Esimov and selected Kazakh bloggers on February 5.

Police said that the three were not on the guest list.

They were also prevented from filming the restaurant where Esimov was holding the meeting.

The independent bloggers then unfolded posters saying "Esimov! Come Out!" and "Esimov Talks To Tamed Bloggers Only!"

Police detained the bloggers at the scene.

RFE/RL correspondent Madi Bekmaghambet, who was filming the incident, was also detained but later released.