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Jailed Kazakh Rights Defender Sent To Labor Camp

Vadim Kuramshin
Vadim Kuramshin
ALMATY -- A jailed prominent defender of inmates' rights in Kazakhstan is reportedly being transferred to the labor camp he has criticized the most.

Vadim Kuramshin's mother told RFE/RL that her son was transferred this week from a detention center in the southern city of Zhambyl to the northern city of Petropavlovsk.

Olga Koltunova said her son is to be sent to a maximum-security prison in the area, which Kuramshin has blamed for the extreme rights abuses taking place there.

Kuramshin was found guilty of extortion and sentenced to 12 years in prison in December.

In August, he had been sentenced to one year of limited movement on the same charges.

Prosecutors ordered a retrial after he participated in an OSCE conference in Europe.
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