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Kazakh Police Arrest Astana Property Protesters

Astana residents blocked the road outside the Prosecutor General's Office in Astana on April 11.
ASTANA -- Police in the Kazakh capital, Astana, have dispersed a public protest by some 30 local residents who demanded proper compensation for their property, which they say was confiscated by local authorities.

A total of 27 protesters, including 12 children, were detained by police, forcibly placed on buses, and later released on April 11.

The protesters gathered in front of the Prosecutor-General's Office demanding to meet with Prosecutor-General Askhat Dauylbaev.

Protesters said city authorities paid low compensation after seizing their private land and demolishing their houses in areas used to construct new buildings for Nazarbaev University and other state buildings in Astana.

After the protesters refused to meet with Dauylbaev's representatives inside the building and demanded to see him personally, police arrived and the protesters were forcibly taken away.
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