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Court Case Against Prominent Kazakh Rights Activist Ends

Vadim Kuramshin (file photo)
TARAZ, Kazakhstan -- Prominent Kazakh human rights activist Vadim Kuramshin has left a courtroom in the southern city of Taraz a free man.

Kuramshin, who has been involved in cases connected with the rights of inmates in Kazakhstan’s penitentiaries, was arrested in January and charged with fraud, extortion, and abuse of power.

Kuramshin told RFE/RL that the jury found him not guilty of fraud and extortion but guilty of abusing his "responsibilities" as a human rights defender.

The judge's sentence of one year of limited movement was annulled because of the seven months Kuramshin spent in detention during the investigation and trial.

Kuramshin has vowed to continue his activities to monitor and defend the rights of inmates.