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'Khamenei Sat Here' -- Mountain Shrine Erected 'To Supreme Leader's Bottom'

A sign marks the spot where Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei sat on this rock in 2005 while taking a rest from trekking a mountain in Kerman.
The rock on which Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei sat on in 2005 while taking a rest from trekking a mountain in Kerman has been memorialized with a sign bearing his image, according to a picture shared by Iranian bloggers.

The rock and its sign have been described by critics as “a pilgrimage site for Khamenei’s bottom.” The sign says Khamenei gracefully perched on the spot and gives the exact date -- May 6, 2005.

It is not clear whether the sign was set up immediately after his visit to Kerman or later.

We have reported before in "Persian Letters" about similar attempts by Khamenei’s supporters to elevate his religious status and portray him as a saintlike figure.

Last year, a video was making the rounds in which Qom’s Friday Prayers leader claimed that shortly before being born Khamenei had called the name of the first imam of the Shi'a.

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